Mark Kadota



Museum het Land van Thorn
Wijngaard 14
Thorn, Netherlands

This exhibition, ‘Influences’ is a collection of my
multi-media artwork that has been influenced by
different periods of Dutch art.
I have lived part-time in the Netherlands and Hawaii
for the last twelve years.
I feel that when one lives in a foreign land, one
tends to see the culture in a different and often
fresh perspective. I believe one does not take
things for granted but sees and questions every
part of the culture.
For me living in the Netherlands has been a great
opportunity to study the Dutch masters as well
as the various times in Dutch history. I feel the
work in this exhibition reflects my inspiration by
the Flemish Primitives, the Dutch Still Life, the
Dutch Landscapes, Bosch, Rembrandt, and both
the Catholic and Protestant religions

A Piece of Me

Peace of Me

The script of life
Is a constantly edited version
Of some sort of mysterious theme.

Our journey here is temporary.

Time is tragically fragile and finite.

Change is constant.

We burn our beliefs,
In hope of a resurrection.

Our desires bleed from us,
Like the winds that turn the trees.

All tragedies that engulf us,
Transform us
Into beings of compassion or envy.

We choose the interpretations.
We are the actors that have written the play.

All peace begins in me
And echoes out into the world,

Like the call of the newly born bird,
We take flight and search for unfamiliar worlds.

Let us speak in a vocabulary of love and peace
With a dialogue of trust.

For, when we touch, a peace of you,
Becomes a peace of me.

Written for the performance “Peace of Me”
Performed at the Chruch in Thorn, Thorn, Netherlands