Mark Kadota



Museum het Land van Thorn
Wijngaard 14
Thorn, Netherlands

This exhibition, ‘Influences’ is a collection of my
multi-media artwork that has been influenced by
different periods of Dutch art.
I have lived part-time in the Netherlands and Hawaii
for the last twelve years.
I feel that when one lives in a foreign land, one
tends to see the culture in a different and often
fresh perspective. I believe one does not take
things for granted but sees and questions every
part of the culture.
For me living in the Netherlands has been a great
opportunity to study the Dutch masters as well
as the various times in Dutch history. I feel the
work in this exhibition reflects my inspiration by
the Flemish Primitives, the Dutch Still Life, the
Dutch Landscapes, Bosch, Rembrandt, and both
the Catholic and Protestant religions