Mark Kadota



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2019        "Umai ka Hanu" Performance
The Honolulu Biannual, Honolulu, Hawaii

Ho’oko kanawai (law enforcement)
This is the commission for the front of the new Waianae, Hawaii Police Station.  The ceramic panels (4' x 4') will be filled with symbols to tell the story of ancient Hawaiian ideas.  2016-2017 “Kapu” was a system of laws regulating the privileges and prohibitions of the people of ancient Hawaii.  We now have new laws and new ways of enforcing our laws.  I am using older traditional Hawaiian symbols that reflect law enforcement as a metaphor for our contemporary ways of enforcing the laws.  I feel this is relevant to be place on the side of the new Waianae Police Station.  It tells a story of the past through images of objects and ideas.   It gives a sense of place and purpose to the images.  Mostly it keeps old Hawaiian traditions, history and symbols preserved for the future generations. Some of the objects included in the designs would be pulo’ulo’u or kapu sticks, ‘ahu’ula or ali’I capes, kapu wands, spearheads, ali’I nui or feather helmets, a kahili and a lei niho palaoa. I will also draw upon traditional tapa and tattoo designs to create a harmonious composition.   Parts of the history of Waianae (Waters of the large mullet), will be incorporated into the piece, such as Boki, the Chief of Waianae, who with his wife, Liliha, were traditionalists and set standards for Waianae which are felt today.  I will also include ideas of the heiau and learning center, Ku’ilioloa, which is just behind the new police station.



I am so grateful that the Four Seasons in Ko Olina, Hawaii has used so much of my artwork. They also had commissioned a huge painting for the Presidential Suite at the Maui Four Seasons a few years ago.  2016

Best 24 Videos of 2010
2011One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau
Aarau, Switzerland
This video/sound piece of mine was chosen to be shown in Amsterdam and Switzerland


bienale 2

The Venice Bienale, 2009
Some of my video work was included in this installation at the Rietveld pavilion in the Arsenale during the 2009 Venice Bienale. 
The videos included video artists from around the world. 

Pasted Graphic 1
The Today Museum, Beijing, China, 2008
Part of the Cultural Exhibition during Olympic Games. 
My video/sound piece, "Yes", was included in this exhibition.  The videos were different video artists from around the world.
My piece was a self-portrait with fragments of text that stream through my head.