Mark Kadota


Spaces In-Between

Pasted Graphic

Welina is a traditional Hawaiian greeting.  According to my Kumu Hula (Hula teacher), it means a stone thrown into a calm pool of water and the ripples of love radiate from the giver, touches the banks, the receiver, and returns to the giver.  This is a metaphor for the loving greetings to be sent to the receiver and then returned.  This was the inspiration for this video installation.

In this installation there are two pieces of plexiglass, semi opaque, suspended in the room.  The video projected onto the two screens is ripples of water generated from a stone thrown into the water.  As the video progresses the water ripples change from music and dialogue that is being pulsated through the water from unseen speakers.  Only the effects on the water surface are visible.

In-between the video is suspended shapes.  These organic shapes are 3D printed forms that are covered in encaustic wax.

This piece explores the idea of the poetic effects of a loving greeting and the more agitating effects generated from more abrasive sound.   It is a reflection on our current lives and the environment we have manifested.  The installation represents our interior and exterior realities.